RhodesMRC 2018 under the auspices of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Co-operation

We are glad to announce that the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Co-operation has placed under its auspices RhodesMRC 2018 and under the auspices of its PERMIS and its head, the Secretary General, Ambassador Michael B. Christides.

In his letter of support, the Secretary General, Ambassador Christides, mentions among others: «BSEC is a full-fledged intergovernmental, regional economic organization that includes 12 Member States from the wider Black Sea region (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, BuIgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federatiory Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine). BSEC has more than 20 Workirig Groups, promoting regional cooperation in the relevant fields, through the exchange of information and best practices, the promotion of joint activities and the elaboration of joint projects.»

«The BSEC PERMIS attaches great importance in supporting young people’s efforts to become active citizens in their home States, as they shoulder theirs and our hopes for a better future. The Secretariat is always trying to support youth activities, among them also educational visits of students to our Headquarters, during which they are familiarize with BSEC activities and exchange views on regional and international topics.»

The Secretary General, Ambassador Christides, concludes his letter, expressing his will to be present at the 2018 edition of the Rhodes Model Regional Cooperation and contribute to the discussions by presenting BSEC recent developments and future plans, if his schedule so allows.

The 9th RhodesMRC 2018 will take place in Rhodes: 10-14 October 2018, for its university edition and 08-11 November 2018 for its high school edition. In May, a digital academy (e-learning) will take place, to educate executives and board members of simulation conferences.

The general theme of the conference stands as «Towards effective peace building and sustainable development on a regional level» as its aims to promoting the regional international organizations for the solution of matters of our era. Since 2017, RhodesMRC honors and is dedicated to the Global Challenges for Sustainable Development, as promoted by the United Nations, and has received the official support of the UN Regional Information Center for Western Europe on that grounds.

RhodesMRC 2018 is being organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes. The Region of South Aegean, the City of Rhodes, the Dept. of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, and the European Network for Education and Training, e.V. – EUNET serve as organizing partners. The International Center for Black Sea Studies, the Center of International and European Studies of Kadir-Has University and the Institute of European Integration and Policy serve as academic partners, while RhodesMRC is strongly affiliated with other similar conferences in Greece and abroad.

Furthermore, for a second consecutive year, the High School Edition of the conference receives the official approval of the Greek Ministry of Education. Finally, last year’s conference was under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe (for a third year in a row) and received for the first time for such a conference the official support of 18 Embassies and Foreign Missions in Athens.

Registration for the university edition will open on March 5, 2018, for the High School Edition on April 16, 2018 and for the Academy on March 26, 2018. More information on www.rhodesmrc.org and at rhodesmrc2018@rhodesmrc.org.