Announcement of the RhodesMRC Embassy program

The Organizing Committee of the International Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation Conference is glad to announce the successful launch of its “RhodesMRC Embassy” program. After two months of preparation, the RhodesMRC Embassy program succeeded in securing the official support of an amazing number of Embassies of foreign countries in Athens.

The program has the following aspects:

  1. The verbal, non-material, support of each Embassy towards RhodesMRC 2017,
  2. The spread of our call to each respective country,
  3. The possibility of RhodesMRC 2017 delegates representing one country to visit its Embassy in Athens,
  4. The cultural enhancement of the various offerings of RhodesMRC 2017.

Till now the Embassies and Missions supporting RhodesMRC 2017 and participating to the RhodesMRC Embassy program, with some or all the aforementioned aspects, are:

The Australian Embassy in Athens

The Austrian Embassy in Athens

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Athens

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Athens

The Embassy of Canada in Greece

The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia-Athens

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens

The Embassy of Finland in Athens

The Embassy of Hungary in Athens

The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Athens

The Embassy of Montenegro in Greece

The Diplomatic Mission of Palestine to Greece

The Embassy of Portugal in Athens

The Embassy of Romania to the Hellenic Republic

The Embassy of Russia in Athens

The Embassy of Spain in Athens

The Embassy of Switzerland in Greece

The Embassy of Turkey in Athens and the Consulate General of Turkey in Rhodes


The 8th RhodesMRC will take place in Rhodes, Greece, October 11-15, 2017, for the university level – open to students and graduates –, and November 09-12, 2017, for the high school level – open to grades 9-12.

Further developing its always current theme “Towards effective peacebuilding and sustainable development on a regional level”, from 2017 onwards, RhodesMRC will honor and commit itself to the accomplishment of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, as set by the United Nations. Our whole organizational model, our agenda topics and our attitude as a conference, are constantly adjusted to become more relatable to the Global Goals, in multiple direct or indirect ways.

RhodesMRC 2017 will further honor and participate to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, as celebrated by the World Tourism Organization, being a fine example of academic tourism and an incubator of young travelers that learn to cherish diversity and respect cultural heritage.

RhodesMRC 2017 is being organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes. The Region of South Aegean, the City of Rhodes, the Dept. of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, and the European Network for Education and Training, e.V. – EUNET serve as organizing partners. The International Center for Black Sea Studies, the Center of International and European Studies of Kadir-Has University and the Institute of European Integration and Policy serve as academic partners to the conference.

Applications are now open for the University Edition and will stay open till mid-August.

Applications for the High School Edition will open on August 01, 2017.

More information on how to apply, fees e.t.c. are available at

For general information:

For applications:


For the page of the RhodesMRC Embassy program, click here