Terpsithea Papanikolaou

Resourceful, versatile, persistent, bold, composed

Terpsithea Papanikolaou

Secretary General

Who are you?

My name is Terpsithea Papanikolaou and I am 20 years old. I am a third-year law student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Simulations are a part of my life since the second year of my studies and when I discovered this amazing new world and how it transformed my personality I could not get enough of it. Simulations taught me to stand up and voice my opinions and sparked my interest for international affairs.
My academic interests are-apart from international and EU law-trade law, economics, environmental and energy law and policy. I am also passionate about foreign languages, as I speak English, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Esperanto. Finally, my other passions are books, poetry, volunteering and my band. See you all in Rhodes!

Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

It is something original and unique. A combination of exceptional academic quality and everlasting friendships. The conference in which I discovered my true potential.

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

It is my first experience as a chair. I am really excited and I expect to gain some qualities that are valuable for my personal development. Chairing is an ideal opportunity to cultivate your team spirit, your co-operational, organizational and even leadership skills. But I also wish to give back even just a fraction of what Rhodes MRC has given and is still giving to me. Most importantly, to inspire and transmit my love for simulations and international affairs to my beloved delegates.

Simulation History

  1. Austrian MEP of EPP, ITRE Committee of European Parliament,Europa.S. 2017
  2. Judge of Slovakia, UN ICJ, ThessISMUN 2017
  3. Delegate of Afghanistan, Natural Sciences Committee of UNESCO, SimUnesCO 2017 - Honorary Mention
  4. Delegate of Azerbaijan, BSEC, RhodesMRC 2017 - Best Delegate Award
  5. Judge of Spain, ECJ, Europa.S. 2018 - Best Delegate Award
  6. Judge of Slovakia, UN ICJ, ThessISMUN 2018 - 1st Honorary Mention (2nd award)
  7. Cyrus Robert Vance, Secretary of State of the USA, Crisis Cabinet of Western Block and Allies, SimUnesCO 2018

Simulation Future