Grigoris Aspridis - Secretary General of NATO


Grigoris Aspridis

Secretary General of NATO

Who are you?

My name is Grigoris Aspridis and I was born & raised in Athens, Greece, in 1996. I am currently a senior undergraduate student in the Department of Communication, Media & Culture, in the Faculty of International Relations, Communication & Culture, at Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences. My interest in International Relations started from a young age, a passion that has not ceased to this day, given the fact that I want to follow postgraduate studies in the field of War, Media & International Relations, hoping to work as a war journalist. In the meantime, I have worked in the Press Office of one of Greece's most respected basketball clubs, as well as a Television Production Assistant in such shows as The Voice of Greece & Greece's Got Talent. I join the family of RhodesMRC for the third time, and this time, it’s critical. Dear diplomats, you must be on top form to handle what’s in store for 2018. Are you ready for it?

Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

I will not mention the location and the people of Rhodes, because these should never be questioned. Instead, it’s the unconventionality, and challenge, of its committees.

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

I joined the team for the second time, because RhodesMRC is the gift that keeps on giving. Simulations, in general, and RhodesMRC specifically, are a wonderful academic present you can give yourself. You acquire knowledge, as well as testing your skills, whether it’s cooperation, or compromise. The experience is not much different for the Chairs, since we learn new things every time, from you, and our supervisors. Each set of delegates is a new experience, and to be frank, I cannot wait what this one has to show me!

Simulation History

1. Lobbyist of OSCE, European Parliament, Eurosimulation Athens 2015
2. Delegate of Japan, UNESCO, ThessISMUN 2015
3. Prime Minister of Italy, European Council, Eurosimulation Athens 2016, Honorary Mention
4. MEP of S&D, INTA Committee of the EP, EuroPa.S 2016, Best MEP
5. Delegate of France, Third Committee of the UNGA, ThessISMUN 2016, Honorary Mention
6. Co-Chair, Committee on Natural Sciences, SimUNesCO 2016
7. Delegate of the United States, NATO’s NAC, RhodesMRC 2016, Future Diplomat
8. Delegate of the United States, UN Security Council, FredMUN 2016, Future Diplomat
9. Co-Chair, Committee of Experts on the Right to Freedom of Speech, Conscience & Religion, Students as Diplomats 2016
10. Delegate of the People’s Republic of China, UNHCR, RomeMUN 2017, Best Delegate
11. President, ECOFIN of the CoEU, EuroPa.S. 2017
12. Delegate of Canada, Third Committee of the UNGA, ThessISMUN 2017, Best Delegate
13. Secretary-General, Council of Europe, RhodesMRC 2017
14. President of the General Assembly, Students as Diplomats 2017


Simulation Future

1. Chair, Third Committee of the UNGA, BISMUN 2018
2. Co-Chair, Third Committee of the UNGA, ThessISMUN 2018