Andreas Papaiosif

Ambitious, perspicacious, Organizational, serious, disciplined

Andreas Papaiosif

Chair of the Middle East Peace Conference

Who are you?

My name is Andreas Papaiosif. I am 23 years old and I am coming from the biggest port of Greece, the city of Piraeus. Since 2013 until today I am studying International relations and Organizations at the University of the Aegean in the Department of Mediterranean Studies which is placing at the wonderful island of Rhodes. The extraordinary world of MUNs has opened to me three years ago and since then I have been participated in nine simulations. At RhodesMRC, I had participated three times as a delegate at the University Edition and one time as a Member of the Board at the High School Edition of RhodesMRC. In this year’s University Edition I expect that I will have the love and honor to participate as a Member of the Board and I am very excited about that! I am looking forward for a really fruitful, hardworking and amusement procedure that will give me an experience to remember.

Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

RhodesMRC for me is special because is the simulation which takes place at the region of my studies, Rhodes. Also RhodesMRC is the simulation which has given to me a lot of wonderful experiences of spectacular conferences and extraordinary moments of fun with friends. RhodesMRC is the simulation that I am trying to not miss every year.

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

From my experience as a Member of a Board in Rhodes MRC 2018 I am expecting to gain the perception of how is to be from “the other side of the quorum”. I am expecting to gain the skills to manage and help a number of participants according to guide them through the procedure in order to have a real good outcome at the end of the day. Last but must most important I expect to have a wonderful educative and amusement experience.

Simulation History

1. Delegate of The Netherlands, UNESCO ThessISMUN 2015
2. Delegate of Turkey, EAPC-NATO RhodesMRC2015
3. Delegate of Estonia- ALDE party, EU Parliament Eurosimulation 2015
4. Delegate of Portugal, NATO ThessISMUN 2016
5. Delegate of Denmark, European Council Europa.S 2016
6. Delegate of Russian Federation, OSCE RhodesMRC 2016
7. Delegate of Iran, MEPC RhodesMRC 2017, Best Delegate Award
8. President of the European Council, RhodesMRC 2017 High school Edition

Simulation Future

1. Delegate, ThessISMUN 2018
2. Board Member, Rhodes MRC 2018