George Baibakis - Chairman

Productive, cooperative, hard-working, consistent, approachable

George Baibakis


Who are you?

My name is Baibakis Georgios, and I would like to welcome you each and every one of you to RhodesMRC 2018! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Chalkida, and I am currently an undergraduate student at the Faculty of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus. I speak fluently English and French and I try to keep myself up to date by being a member of research teams, most specifically, at the Institute of International Relations and at the Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory university team. I am a member of the Rotaract Club of Kifisia too. I consider myself a hard-working person that can carry out his responsibilities in the most efficient manner, but in the same time friendly, cooperative and very approachable, with home-related hobbies such as reading books, watching series or movies.

My academic interests mainly include international relations with a specific interest in international security and intelligence where I wish to have my MA, with the ambitious goal of entering the world of real diplomacy. Having participated in several simulations here in Greece and abroad, made me understand that these simulations are not just some days of diplomatic simulations, it is not just a way to broaden one’s horizons, but something far more than that. It is a challenging experience that forges your character, that perfects your skills, that integrates your knowledge on important topics, and of course provides you a good chance to make new friends or strengthen your bonds with the old ones. These reasons are more than enough for anyone who is up to something new, fun and challenging, so I encourage you all to join this year’s edition of RhodesMRC 2018.

Last but not least, me along with my amazing colleague – Fotini – are more than eager to meet every one of you in person and make sure that you will love your decision of attending. Therefore, this year’s League of Arab States holds much promise and an experience worth remembering!


Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

RhodesMRC is special not only due to the great experience I had as a delegate, but also the interesting committees, the people I got to know, the friendships and memories that I created.

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

Being in the position of the Chair and the whole chairing experience will be undoubtedly challenging. Therefore I expect to expand my skills and integrate knowledge on interesting and important topics, to make the delegates love RhodesMRC, to gain a whole new experience – that of chairing – and, by all means, to do credit to the trust that put in me.

Simulation History

1. Delegate of Italy, DISEC ThessISMUN 2016
2. Delegate of Slovakia, NATO LIMUN 2017
3. Minister of France, ECOFIN Europa.S 2016, Best Minister award
4. Delegate of France, NATO RhodesMRC 2017, Future Diplomat award

Simulation Future