Fotini Zarogianni - Secretary General

Hardworking, Focused, Ambitious, Creative

Fotini Zarogianni

Secretary General

Who are you?

My name is Zarogianni Fotini and I would like to welcome you all to RhodesMRC 2018! I was born and raised in the amazing city of Thessaloniki, while I am currently studying at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the meantime, I am an intern at the International Relations Office of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Thessaloniki. Apart from the above, I consider myself to be a highly communicative and hardworking person with several hobbies such as the reading of books, photography, cooking and travelling and I can speak both English and French.

My academic interests – in which I would like to specialise – include international relations, international law and, most importantly, diplomacy. This way, I have participated in numerous Model United Nations Conferences, in Greece and abroad, both as a chairperson, member of the Secretariat or as a delegate. All these experiences led me to the belief that conferences do not only help you broaden your academic horizons, but also build your character and personality and, most importantly, create concrete friendships. Therefore, I strongly encourage each and every one of you to gain as much as you can from this year’s edition of RhodesMRC 2018.  

Last but not least, I am really looking forward to meeting all of you in person and, along with my colleague, George, we will definitely make this year’s League of Arab States an experience worth remembering! In fact, we decided upon our moto to be: Let’s make LAS a League again!

Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

It has an incredibly deep academic background, it simulates regional institutions – something very intriguing – and it takes place in an astonishingly beautiful island.

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

This upcoming chairing experience will provide me with knowledge on how to run a committee that is consisted of numerous prepared and skilled university students and will add to my existing experience on chairing at university-level conferences. Having been placed in a crisis committee, I will become more accustomed to its special rules of procedure and this will prove to be extremely helpful, since I would like to take part in other crisis committees as a chair in the near future. Moreover, the academic knowledge that I will gain will prove to be quite handy, since I am more than interested in pursuing studies on relevant matters. Last but not least, I expect the whole general chairing experience, which of course includes the visit to the island and the social events, to be unique and to leave me with memories that will last forever, since many of my friends are also part of the RhodesMRC Family!

Simulation History

1. Delegate of UK, ECOSOC ARCMUN 2014
2. Delegate of UK, LEGAL ARCMUN 2015, Best delegate award
3. President, Security Council ARCMUN 2016
4. Vice-President, CRPD Students as Diplomats 2016
5. President, Security Council ARCMUN 2017
6. Delegate of Netherlands, UNESCO ThessISMUN 2017, Best delegate award
7. Vice-President, Education Committee SimUnesCO 2017
8. Delegate of USA, OSCE RhodesMRC 2017, Best delegate award
9. President, ECOSOC FREDMUN 2017
10. President, CHR Students as Diplomats 2017
11.  Secretary General, ARCMUN 2018

Simulation Future

1. Secretary General, ARCMUN 2018
2. Delegate, ThessISMUN 2018
3. Chair, SimUnesCO 2018