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League of Arab States

Following the adoption of the Alexandria Protocol in 1944 that founded the idea of an Organization of Arab States, the League of Arab States was established in Cairo on 22 March 1945. Its formation altered the dynamics of regional relations because it encompassed the concept of Arab Unity. By 2017, the Arab League numbers 22 member states and functions as a forum of policy-coordination and relationship-building between Arab States.

The League’s main purpose is the enhancement of Arab-cooperation in the fields of economic, political, social, cultural and scientific levels, while it addresses a broad range of regional security-related predicaments, including dispute-mediation and conflict-resolution between Arab States and third parties.

In the Arab League, each state enjoys equal status and the decisions are taken primarily by consensus. If that proves to be impossible, the decision must be taken by unanimity, which is legally binding for all member states. Whereas, should the decision be taken by majority vote, it is only binding for the member states that voted in favor.

The Arab League meets biannualy, in October and in March respectively. In each meeting, the member states appoint the country that will hold the presidency during the next term.

The topics to be discussed are:

Topic Area A: The situation in Yemen (2011-present)

Topic Area B: Crisis

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Member States

Algeria | Serdari, Vasiliki
Bahrain | Siokos, Gerasimos
Djibouti | Daskalaki, Sotiria Maria
Egypt | Tsimakidi, Maria
Iraq | Kotsonis, Theofanis
Jordan | Violaki, Rodanthi
Kuwait | Tsipinias, Dimitris
Lebanon | Scountrianos, Georgios
Libya | Zampetaki, Eleftheria
Mauritania | Michelakakis, Stefanos Aristotelis
Morocco | Sotiropoulou, Maria
Palestine | Mavroudis, Dimitrios
Qatar | Agarici, Sylvia
President / Saudi Arabia | Βaimpakis, Georgios
Somalia | Marinatos, Efstratios
Sudan | Voili, Efthymia
Syrian Opposition | Farmaki, Dafni
Tunisia | Kollias, Dimitrios
United Arab Emirates | Mallios, Anastasios
Yemen | Angelopoulou, Maria


Eritrea | Monopatis, Georgios


President / Saudi Arabia | Βaimpakis, Georgios
Secretary General | Zarogianni, Foteini