Angeliki Vorropoulou

Out-going, Spontaneous, Humanist, Hard-working, Consistent

Angeliki Vorropoulou


Who are you?

My name is Angeliki Vorropoulou. I am and undergraduate student at the University of the Aegean, on the Department of Mediterranean Studies, with a major in “International Relations and Organizations”. My academic interests include human rights and especially women’s rights, Greek-Turkish relations and journalism.
My love for MUN conferences burst out back to 2014, when I first participated in RhodesMRC as a staff member. Ever since, I have participated in MUN conferences not only in Greece but also abroad both as a delegate and as a chairperson.
RhodesMRC 2018, will be my sixth, and my last one. As you can imagine, this conference is my favorite one as it is the only one in Greece that simulates regional institutions. Furthermore it has a high academic level, and very interesting agendas every and each year.

Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

Because of RhodesMRC, back in 2014, I met the wonderful world of MUNs, because of its wonderful people and last but definitely not least because RhodesMRC was my first and it will be my last MUN experience.

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

The chairing experience in RhodesMRC 2018, will be a challenging opportunity for me in order to broaden my academic horizons, and meet some wonderful people.

Simulation History

  1. Staff Member, RhodesMRC 2014
  2. Delegate of Chad, UNESCO, ThessISMUN 2015
  3. Delegate of Cyprus, OSCE, RhodesMRC 2015
  4. Delegate of Austria, 3rd Committee of the C.A, BISMUN 2016
  5. Delegate of Belgium, CoE, RhodesMRC 2016
  6. Delegate of USA, UNEP, BISMUN 2017 – Honorary Mention
  7. Delegate of Turkey, OSCE, RhodesMRC 2017
  8. President, CoE (Education), RhodesMRC (Highschool Edition) 2017

Simulation Future

  1. President, CoE (Education), RhodesMRC (Highschool Edition) 2018