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Council of the European Union

Established back in 1958, the Council of the European Union is located in Brussels. It has 28 member states, and it is composed by all the European Union’s Government Ministers. The configuration of the Council depends on each discussed topic.The Council sets the policy agenda and adopts conclusions during the meetings which identify issues of concern and future actions to be taken. Furthermore, the Council mainly negotiates and adopts EU laws, coordinates member states policies, develops the EU’s common foreign and security policy, concludes international agreements and adopts the EU budget. The Council is consisted by the Committee of Representatives of the Governments of Member states of the European Union and specialized working parties and committees.

The Education, Youth, Culture, and Sport Council is consisted of the Ministers responsible for these sectors. Each composition is depended on the issues discussed on the particular meeting. Council’s aim is to further promote the educational, vocational training and cultural prosperity.

Austria will held the chairmanship of the Council from the 1 of July until 31 of December.

Topic Area: Correlations between digital and cultural heritage: Towards the preservation of culture in the contemporary era.

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Member States

President / Austria | Vorropoulou, Angeliki
Belgium | Myrotis, Panagiotis
Bulgaria | Michalitsi, Dafni
Croatia | Fragkaki, Georgia
Cyprus | Dimopoulou, Maria Anna
Czech Republic | Lynagh-Petersen, Faber
Denmark | Katopi, Georgia
Estonia | Geronatsiou, Eleftheria
Finland | Pallikari, Evangelia
France | Romanou, Evangelia
Germany | Deligianni, Ioanna
Greece | Koukouzas, Michail
Hungary | Koumparopoulou, Ioanna
Ireland | Pliaka, Rafaela
Italy | Moustakali, Asimina
Luxembourg | Vardiampasi, Ilektra
Malta | Dontsi, Stavroula
Netherlands | Kaltsas, Christos
Poland | Koukouzeli, Stavroula
Portugal | Kyrikou, Angeliki
Romania | Tsigkri, Angeliki
Slovakia | Kelesidou, Stavrina
Spain | Stanellou, Aikaterini
Sweden | Klagkos, Pavlos
United Kingdom | Apostolopoulou, Charis


President / Austria | Vorropoulou, Angeliki
Commissioner | Fessatidou, Erato