Antonia-Evangelia Christopoulou - Chairperson

Hard- working, Dynamic, Passionate, Devoted Potterhead

Antonia-Evangelia Christopoulou

Chairperson at the Council of Europe

Who are you?

My name is Antonia- Evangelia Christopoulou and I am 23 years old. I am a postgraduate student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Law, where I am currently pursuing my LLM in Public Law. I have completed my internship in the Greek National Commission of Human Rights and the Hellenic Parliament and now I work as a Trainee Lawyer.
Furthermore, my special interest in Public International Law and Human Rights made me discover a passion that changed my student life, the MUN. Since the second years of my studies, I have participated in a number of simulations of European, regional and international organizations as a Delegate, Head Delegate and Board Member.
Rhodes Model Regional Cooperation 2018 would be my third MRC and I shall have the honor to chair the Council of Europe! I am thrilled that I would have the chance to coordinate the discussions of the leading Human Rights Organization in Europe along with two amazing gentlemen, Manolis and Triantafyllos. So, I am looking forward to meeting young diplomats, moderating debates on crucial matters and making new friends! Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

Rhodes MRC is a unique academic experience, It is the place where I got to meet some of my closest friends and won my first best delegate award!

What do you expect to gain as a member of the Board of RhodesMRC 2018?

Rhodes MRC 2018 would be an excellent conference full of amazing people and joyful (academic) moments! As the Chairperson of the Council of Europe I expect to meet young diplomats, admire their innovative ideas and passionate speeches and help them negotiate in order to conclude in drafting a document that would protect and promote human rights in Europe!

Simulation History

1. Athens Security Exercise 2013(Japan- Minister of War), Award: Best Committee
2. Eurosimulation Athens 2014(European Parliament-MeP of the EPP)
3. EURO.PA.S 2014(European Parliament-Committee of Industry,Research and Energy(ITRE)- MeP of the EPP), Award: Best Committee
4. Model United Nations Istanbul 2014(Munist 2014- United Nations Development Program(UNDP)- Delegate of the Netherlands)
5. Reading Model United Nations 2014(RUMUN 2014- Third Committee of the UN General Assembly(Social,Cultural and Humanitarian Committee-SOCHUM)- Delegate of the USA)- Head Delegate, Award: Best Position Paper
6. EUropa.S. 2015(European Parliament-Committee on Industry,Research and Energy(ITRE)-MeP of EPP), Award: Honorary Mention(Third Award)
7. Thessaloniki International Student MUN 2015(Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC)-Delegate of the Russian Federation)
8. Harvard WorldMUN 2016(High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development- Delegate of Honduras)- Head Delegate
9. EUropa.S. 2016(European Parliament- Vice- President of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy(ITRE))
10. Thessaloniki International Student MUN 2016(United Nations Security Council- Ambassador of the USA)
11. Simulation of UNESCO 2016(Crisis Committee- President of the Russian Federation)
12. Rhodes Model Regional Cooperation 2016 (Council of Europe-Minister of France)- Head Delegate, Award: Best Delegate
13. University Carlos III Model United Nations 2017 (Economic and Social Council- Delegate of Iraq)
14. Thessaloniki International Student MUN 2017 (Council of Europe-Minister of France)- Head Delegate, Award: Best Delegate
15. Simulation of UNESCO 2017 (Social and Human Sciences Committee) Award: Best Delegate
16. Rhodes Model Regional Cooperation (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe- Delegate of the Netherlands)- Head Delegate, Award: First Honorary Mention
17. Simulation Game 2017 (President of the European Parliament)
18. Student- Diplomats 2017 (President of the Human Rights Committee of ICCPR)

Simulation Future

1. EUropa.S 2018- President of the European Parliament (Member of the Secretariat)
2. ThessISMUN 2018, President of the International Maritime Organization