Georgios Karanikas - Secretary General of RhodesMRC 2018

Determined, Loyal, Humanist, Hard-Working and Passionate

Georgios Karanikas

Secretary General of RhodesMRC 2018

Who are you?

I am Georgios Karanikas, an undergraduate student of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the Secretary-General of Rhodes MRC 2018.

From the beginning of my studies until now, I have been passionate for foreign languages as well as Human Rights and International Law and Governance. I speak Greek, Italian, English and French and I have a basic knowledge of Spanish and German. During the last five years, I have participated in several academic projects and initiatives, among which were several MUN conferences, where I took part not only as a delegate, but also as a Board and Secretariat Member.

Rhodes MRC 2018 will be my fifth consecutive attendance of this majestic conference and I feel very enthusiastic and emotional to be given the honor to serve once again this Simulation, this time as the Secretary General of it. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Rhodes, and I am certain that this year’s conference will be a thrilling experience. And that's a promise!


Why is RhodesMRC special for you?

If a human is the result of his experiences, as some people claim, then Rhodes MRC has made me proud of what I have been and what I am.


What do you expect to gain from your being the Secretary General of RhodesMRC 2018?

After 5 consecutive times of RhodesMRCing, I think that there are more things that I can offer rather than gain from this exceptional conference, meaning that it is high time I gave back the benefit I had from it throughout all these years. Thus, this year’s ambition of mine, is to share once again some rare moments of happiness and teamwork with new, fresh people whom I admire, and disseminate the spirit of Rhodes MRC to the next generations.

Simulation History

1. Delegate of Malta, 3rd Committee of the G.A., ThessISMUN 2014
2. Delegate of UK, Council of the EU, MUNIST 2014 - Outstanding Delegate Award
3. Judge of Belgium, ECJ, Europa.S 2015 - Best Judge Award
4. Delegate of Ukraine, CoE, ThessISMUN 2015 - Best delegate Award
5. Delegate of USA, OSCE, Rhodes MRC 2015 - Best Delegate Award
6. Delegate of Australia, 3rd Committee of the G.A., ThessISMUN 2016
7. General Advocate-ECJ, Europa.S 2016
8. Secretary General-CoE (High School Edition), RhodesMRC 2016
9. President-ECJ, Europa.S 2017
10. Advocate-ICJ, ThessISMUN 2017
11. Deputy Secretary General - RhodesMRC 2017

Simulation Future

1. ThessISMUN 2018- President of the ICJ