Following an overwhelmingly record breaking second application period, the Organizing Committee of RhodesMRC decided to pause the application period after the Special Offer Period expires on June 30, 2018. With an initial design of 360 seats (an increase to last year’s 330 participants), the University Edition of RhodesMRC 2018 has already received more than 460 applications, with 200 confirmed participants, which leaves only 130 seats to accommodate 260 applicants.

It is our strong will and commitment to serve all the applicants of the Special Offer period, both from organized delegations and individuals, and accommodate them to their favorite conference. As per the standing Terms & Conditions of application to RhodesMRC 2018, all applicants receive discounted fees for their participation to RhodesMRC 2018, on a non-refundable basis, payable till July 10, 2018. The conditions will remain intact; no extensions or flexibility will be provided.

With the completion of the Special Offer Period, on June 30th and the payment process on July 10th, we will need to completely re-evaluate the available seats, and even create new challenging committees. It is our conviction to actually accept all the applicants that will complete their fees payment by July 10th, 2018, as per the standing Terms & Conditions of the application process. Following the completion of their registration, we will have a final number of participants and some time will be required to actually handle the logistics and financial aspects of the conference’s largest expansion to date.

The final application process for individuals, will re-open on July 16th, instead of the initially planned July 1st, and will last till July 31st, 2018. No extensions will be provided. The application will be referring to a specific number of seats and the first-come-first-served rule will apply.

We are really excited with the amazing news of RhodesMRC 2018 expansion, and we are facing this new challenge with out most honor.