After months of preparation, with the proposals of the esteemed members of our Board and the notes and guidance of the distinguished members of our Scientific Committee, we are glad to announce the Agenda of RhodesMRC 2018 – University Edition. Benefiting from the various geographical and sectoral mandates of our simulated organizations, our agenda includes a vast variety of matters, offered for vivid and – hopefully – fruitful debate, able to satisfy any taste and interest!


Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

Topic Area A: The situation in and around Eastern Ukraine; fostering peace, stability and security in the region of Donbass

Topic Area B: Crisis


ΝΑΤΟ’s North Atlantic Council (NAC)

Topic Area A: Strengthening the Alliance’s presence in the Mediterranean Sea: evolution of the Operation Sea Guardian

Topic Area B: Crisis


Council of Europe (CoE)

Topic Area A: Human Rights on the Digital Era; challenges and protection of human rights on the Internet


Middle East Peace Conference (MEPC)

Topic Area A: Disputes and insecurity in the MENA region: taking initiatives for peace and sustainability

Topic Area B: Crisis


Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

Topic Area A: Focusing on Blue Growth: a BSEC strategy for sustainable development in the marine and maritime sectors.

Topic Area Β: The role of youth to achieve sustainable development in the Black Sea region; towards a regional strategy to combat youth unemployment and to foster youth entrepreneurship and innovation


League of Arab States (LAS)

Topic Area A: The situation in Yemen (2011-present)

Topic Area B: Crisis


Organization of American States (OAS)

Topic Area A: Addressing the issue of Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) Groups and high crime rates in South America.


Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Topic Area A: Building APEC’s capability to manage and prevent marine debris and reduce inputs of all pollutants in the Pacific Ocean

Topic Area B: Combating smuggling and corruption towards the enhancing of trade relations and the establishment of fair trade practices


African Union (AU)

Topic Area A: Comprehensive strategic plan towards silencing guns in the Continent.

Topic Area Β: Establishing decent work and economic growth; Youth Unemployment and child labor.