Every year, schools from Greece and abroad, attend RhodesMRC in organized delegations. Organized delegations facilitate the contact of dozens of participants with the Organizing Committee through their accompanying teachers and resolve matters like fee payments and country attribution in the most easy and quick way.

For RhodesMRC 2018, organized delegations have been given extra priority, with fees as low as 50,00€ available only to organized delegations. Organized delegations have lowest fees, but can only apply and register on fully-prepaid, non-refundable condition.

More specifically,

  • A group delegation is an organized group of participants coming from a single high school.
  • A group delegation has at least 5 members that will participate as delegates to be considered as such.
  • A group delegation has to be recognized by the Organizing Committee of RhodesMRC 2018 as such. The Organization Committee of RhodesMRC reserves the right to decline the request for official group delegation to any group.
  • To start the process for the creation of an official delegation, contact us at rhodesmrc2018@rhodesmrc.org, as soon as possible.
  • Each group delegation has an officially recognized liaison with RhodesMRC, aka the Head Delegate, which is an accompanying teacher, school councellor, or chaperon, that will be present during the conference, and its members register by a specially created registration form.
  • Group delegations register only in specified dates, on a fully prepaid, non-refundable basis:
    • Early Bird Registration: 01/05/2018-30/06/2018, reduced fees at 55,00€, payable till 07/07/2018;
    • Special Offer Registration: 01/07/2018-17/08/2018, reduced fees at 60,00€, payable till 24/08/2018;
    • Normal registration period: 18/08/2018-05/10/2018, normal fees at 65,00€, payable till 12/10/2018;
    • All schools that are based on the Dodecanese, receive reduced fees at 50,00€, for applications till 21/09/2018, payable till 28/09/2018
  • Group delegations may replace members in case of cancellation, till October 19, 2018. After that date no replacements will be accepted.


Currently, the high schools organizing an organized delegation to RhodesMRC 2018, are:

If you want to organize a delegation to RhodesMRC 2018, representing your university or department, contact us at rhodesmrc2018@rhodesmrc.org.

If your high school is not represented above, and there is no willing for an organized delegation, you are kindly advised to apply as an individual.