Dimitra Athanasa - BSEC Secretary General


Dimitra Athanasa

Secretary General of BSEC

My name is Dimitra Athanasa. I am in my third year of studies at the department of Law in Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki. For the last 5 years I have participated in a great deal of international organizations’ simulations. In the past I have also taken part in Greek simulations such as the Model of the Greek parliament and in scientific exhibitions of projects organized by non governmental organizations. I am also a contributor at a site’s column writing about matters of international safety and defence. Furthermore, I am a member of ELSA in whose projects I am also taking part. Finally, concerning myself, on a more personal level, I am big history and poetry reader. As a chair above all I promise to be fair and meritocratic, to work hard on order to help every delegate during every level of the preparation familiarizing them with the whole procedure. Of course out of session, social and interpersonal relations are very much in order.