Anna-Maria Pekridou - Director of APEC

Hard worker, patient, loves setting goals and trying to make them a reality, spontaneous.

Asia-Pasicic Economic Co-operation

Anna-Maria Pekridou

Director of APEC

Who are you?

I was born on 20/2/1995. I am an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Law in Thessaloniki and I am in the 4th year of my studies. I have participated in several simulation models through the years, such as ThessISMUN, Europa.S and RhodesMRC, as well as in many academic programs, initiatives, seminars and working groups.

I offer my services as Director for Academic Activities in ELSA Thessaloniki. I have great knowledge of the English and German languages.

Why did you join the Board of RhodesMRC 2017?

Great opportunity to take this experience on new level and offer something myself to it.

Why is RhodesMRC special?

Amazing combination of everything you seek in a simulation program.