Anna-Maria Pekridou - Director of APEC

Hard worker, patient, loves setting goals and trying to make them a reality, spontaneous.

Anna-Maria Pekridou

Director of APEC

Who are you?

Hello everyone! It is my honor to serve as a Directress in the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation and have the greatest chance to meet you all in Rhodes! My name is Anna Pekridou and i am currently a fourth year law student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

My Mun career is short but so precious for me! It all started just two years ago when i had to represent Afghanistan in a room full of diplomats. I just couldn’t believe in my wildest dreams that there is a world out there full of policy debating and team working results. I realized that i very much wanted to be part of this community and the path decisively led me to RhodesMRC.

Other than the simulations, my interests resolve around Administrative and European Union Law, specifically in the field of the protection of human rights, debate championships in Greece and abroad, translational forums and courses. As with everything else, diplomacy has its own set of values. One of them was stated by Newton. “Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.” Will you be as tactful as possible in RhodesMRC 2017? That’s a challenge!

Why did you join the Board of RhodesMRC 2017?

There is nothing better than being part of a highly skillful team as the one of RhodesMRC.

Why is RhodesMRC special?

RhodesMRC lifts all the values of the so cold MUN spirit to the highest possible level.