RhodesMRC 2017 will host the simulation of 9 committees able to accommodate up to 460 delegates.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Topic area A: Tackling trafficking in children: challenges presented by the refugee and migratory movements, in particular, unaccompanied minors.

Topic area B: Crisis

NATO's North Atlantic Council

Topic area A: Upgrading NATO's Cyber defence policy: increasing capacity and developing capability.

Topic area B: Crisis

Council of Europe

Topic area A: Biomedicine & human rights: ethical challenges in the quest for scientific research promotion.

Middle East Peace Conference

Topic area A: Crisis

Black Sea Economic Co-operation

Topic area A: 25 years of Black Sea Economic Cooperation: Reaffirming the legal and political framework of the BSEC member states on combating Organized Crime and Corruption.

Topic area B: BSEC Economic Agenda Towards and Enhanced BSEC Partnership: Promoting Black Sea Region's Tourism Development.

League of Arab States

Topic area A: Contemplating a political settlement in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Modern Challenges and Prospects.

Topic area B: Crisis

Organization of American States

Topic area A: The situation in Venezuela in light of the recent events

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Topic area A: The elimination of barriers in the market access in cooperation with international and regional economic organizations.

Topic area B: Development of focused regional settings for the conservation and sustainable use of marine ecosystems.

African Union

Topic area A: Protecting forcibly displaced persons, refugees, returnees, and IDPs.

Topic area B: Women's rights under agenda 2063: assuring the participation of women in all aspects of society.

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