RhodesMRC 2017 will host the simulation of 9 committees able to accommodate up to 460 delegates.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Topic area A: The situation in and around Eastern Ukraine; fostering peace, stability and security in the region of Donbass

Topic area B: Crisis

NATO's North Atlantic Council

Topic area A: Strengthening the Alliance’s presence in the Mediterranean Sea: evolution of the Operation Sea Guardian

Topic area B: Crisis

Council of Europe

Topic area A: Human Rights on the Digital Era; challenges and protection of human rights on the Internet

Middle East Peace Conference

Topic Area A: Disputes and insecurity in the MENA region: taking initiatives for peace and sustainability

Topic Area B: Crisis


Black Sea Economic Co-operation

Topic Area A: Focusing on Blue Growth: a BSEC strategy for sustainable development in the marine and maritime sectors.

Topic Area Β: The role of youth to achieve sustainable development in the Black Sea region; towards a regional strategy to combat youth unemployment and to foster youth entrepreneurship and innovation

League of Arab States

Topic Area A: The situation in Yemen (2011-present)

Topic Area B: Crisis

Organization of American States

Topic Area A: Addressing the issue of Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) Groups and high crime rates in South America.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Topic Area A: Building APEC’s capability to manage and prevent marine debris and reduce inputs of all pollutants in the Pacific Ocean

Topic Area B: Combating smuggling and corruption towards the enhancing of trade relations and the establishment of fair trade practices

African Union

Topic Area A: Comprehensive strategic plan towards silencing guns in the Continent.

Topic Area Β: Establishing decent work and economic growth; Youth Unemployment and child labor.

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